Make factions more asymmetrical

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I was quite disappointed to find out that factions were very similar in SoC, the unit roster is the only major difference between factions and that’s regrettable. Just like it is done in Warcraft 3 I love the way changing factions makes you feel like you are playing a different game. HOMM could get away with less asymmetry by having more factions. More asymmetry means harder to balance, but I would say that since this game is not intended to be Esports, balance doesn’t need to be perfect on day one, however, with only 4 factions making them truly different will go a long way to add replayability to the game without having to make new assets. Unique technologies, army stance, wielder skills, buildings, unique resources and development mechanics… possibilities are endless.

Currently not planned Suggested by: Pierre le masson Upvoted: 25 Nov Comments: 51

Comments: 51