Units of Arleon

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Dear all,

This has been discussed under the previous 'Feedback' section on Discord; however, as there is this opportunity to put it up for discussion, I'd like to post it.

The current issue with the units of Arleon are two-fold (it is one suggestion with two parts):

- First, on which most of us agreed during the previous discussions, is that the Faey Nobles and Queens are somewhat lacking in terms of power in regard to the other 'champion' units, so they would need some balance.

- Second, the legitimacy of which was highly debated, is that there is a need for a redesign or re-shuffle of the units of Arleon, as some of the Faey are looking out of place in their respective tiers. Faey Spritis feel like Small Building units both in design and strength; in the same terms, Faey Nobles resemble Medium Building units, could probably fit together better with Horned Ones. Without this, of course, there is no 'champion' unit, so it could either be a paladin or a faey drake.

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Comments: 8

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