Reworking/Removal of the Justice Spell

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Against human opponents, this single spell renders top-tier units virtually usable. Being able to instantly kill 1, 2 or 3 (depending on caster tier) units means any attempt to use such units against a remotely intelligent opponent will have able to be wiped out via this spell alone with minimal investment in both Wielder skills and essence.

While an issue for any army, the Justice spell is especially unbalanced against the Rana. Their top tier units have both a lower default stack size ( 3 vs. the 5 other factions have) and by far the most expensive (Elder Dragons require 3200 and no less than SEVEN Amber. And this is after two astronomically expensive upgrades of the Smouldering Cave). The idea that an entire stack of units of this level of cost can be killed in a single use of Justice seems grossly unfair to say the least.

This single spell makes the climb to the very best units almost pointless and I ask the developers to reconsider its inclusion to the game in its current form.

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Comments: 15

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