All Units require more abilities for more strategic depth.

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Just as an example: any unit should be able to postpone their turn until later, so if my Sappers were to go first, I should be able to tell them to wait until the end of the round, so I can react to the enemies movement better. They in turn could just do the same, which is why it is limited to once per round, obviously.
Also, you should only be allowed to use one ability per round, so to stick with the sapper example, if I were to delay my movement/attack till the end of the round, I'd not be allowed to use the "Stakes" ability.
Some abilities should stay unique, for example the "Protect" from Shield of Order or the "Fear no Foe" of Minstrels, etc.

Released! 🎉 Suggested by: Kloetee Upvoted: 07 Aug Comments: 10

Comments: 10

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