Make low-command Wielders more viable

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Currently, Command gives disproportionately high advantages, no matter the stage of the game. I personally can never really have enough weak stacks to throw away: they increase essence production, soak up retaliations, bait out attacks (Momentum can be a bit of a noob trap), slow down enemy movement, and make ranged units ineffectual. Using musicians and other buffers makes this tactic even stronger.

I would love to have skills, spells, artifacts, wielders, or units that encourage players to either not choose Command so much or to keep some troop slots empty.

I have a few ideas on how to achieve this but I'd rather keep this suggestion generic, we can maybe get into the whats and hows in the comments below ;)

Released! 🎉 Suggested by: Xaph Upvoted: 26 Oct Comments: 22

Comments: 22